The Sacred Mountain and the Jealous God

Every Sacred Mountain is THE Sacred Mountain.

Mount FujiThis is an important principle in Traditionalist philosophy. This can be a difficult concept to grasp, but how could it be otherwise? The Sacred Mountain is the place where Heaven and Earth meet. Whether one climbs Mount Sinai or Mount Fuji, one has climbed The Sacred Mountain. There is no need to climb a different Sacred Mountain, and if one did, it would be climbing The Sacred Mountain again, only in a different location. How could it be possible to climb the wrong Sacred Mountain? The idea seems almost absurd from this perspective.

One of the difficulties with the Abrahamic Traditions is the notion of a “Jealous God.” The “Jealous God” is a religious aberration and is not really found anywhere else. Now, for the serious devotee of any religion, it is important to see her religion as The Only Truth, which on one level is absolutely correct. In Abrahamic Traditions, however, this belief has become exclusionary, denying the Truth of other religions. Just because one’s religion is The Only Truth does not mean that other religions are not also True; and indeed The Only Truth as well.

Every Sacred Mountain is THE Sacred Mountain.

While I am not here to tell anyone how to conduct their religious affairs, the pervading belief in a Jealous God creates a difficulty and barrier to replanting astrology in the soil of Sacred Traditional Science. Once one begins to discuss her religion, a dispute is likely to begin. Many astrology groups and forums ban the discussion of religion for this reason. Yet, this does not create neutrality; it creates conditions by which one can only talk about astrology in a lifeless, mechanical way. This is a belief system in and of itself, which tends to be promoted by default.

What is worse is that often other matters substitute for the Jealous God. The Jealous God can be an astrological school of thought, a historical Great Astrologer, or even a specific astrological technique. When people jump to the defense of their Jealous God, in whatever form the Jealous God takes, discussion and communication become impossible.

On this site, I hope to explore ways to talk about the deeper, sacred aspects of astrology in a way that people from various religions, as well those who are not religious, will find useful and meaningful, but what I say may be challenging to many. While I have no wish to offend anyone, it is also important to speak clearly and directly.

One thing to remember is that astrology has survived, even into Modern times. It has survived, even in the West. Many of our tools have been lost. Many of the tools that remain have survived only in broken and battered form. In recent decades, many tools of the past have been recovered, and many more are in the process of being recovered. Still, in many cases, we do not yet know how to use them. Yet, by some miracle, we still have the ability to hear the Music of the Spheres. We may not hear it as clearly as we would like to, but we can still hear it. How can one not be humble and grateful? How can one not be in awe of such magnificence, grander and more beautiful than any human music?

The Music of the Spheres does not need our defense. We need only to listen and let the harmony flow through us. This is our calling as astrologers, and to me, is quite a humbling task. Carrying out that task to the best of our ability seems to me much more important than any of our differences.


About Myriam Hildotter

I am an astrologer, housewife, and student of traditional metaphysical wisdom and Japanese. I also enjoy knitting, crocheting, Anime, and reading. For astrological readings, please contact me at
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